+32 Best Room Dividers Creative Ideas

Most people think room dividers are only used to serve one purpose, divide a room or large space. They are definitely used for this function, however, can also be used as decorative pieces of furniture and potentially an inspirational piece of art to decorate your home.

Room dividers are great for dividing rooms, creating storage spaces and providing privacy. They are most popularly used to divide a large room such as an office space or separating large joint rooms such as the living room from the dining room. They are also great for creating storage spaces. By simply placing one in the corner of a room, it creates a storage space between the corner and the room divider where you can store your belongings. This can make the room look tidier and is an easy way to quickly hide mess without making the room look cramped. For example, they can be placed in a laundry room to hide the dirty laundry or in your children’s play room to quickly store some toys. Large room dividers can also be used to create privacy when you are sharing an apartment or home with a number of people. Most are light weight and portable for quick and easy handling. They are also great to divide larger bedrooms if there are a number of people staying in the room..

They are also perfect for decorating and adding a personal touch to your home. A great creative way to add a personal touch and style is to clip or hang photos of family and friends onto the room divider. This is very easy especially with the woven designs, simply choose a photo you would like to display, grab a paper clip or any other clip you have available and clip the photo to the weave pattern. You could also clip important and valuable things such as paintings and drawings from your children, art work and other letters and notices.

Maintaining your Room Divider: some are a hand woven material made from wooden fibre and a hand painted finish. For these reasons, suggested below are the best approaches regarding cleaning them:

Dusting: the best way to clean your room divider is to dust it with a feather duster. This is recommended because if you use any chemicals it can harm the material and paint.

Very slightly damp cloth: only sightly dampen a wash cloth with water and no cleaning chemicals to lightly brush over the room divider. Using other chemicals may spoil the design.

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