+35 Simple Guest Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Your guest bathroom makes a lasting impression on anyone who stays in or visits your home. A clean, tidy space can feel inviting, but since you do not regularly use this room, you might be unsure about the best way to decorate it. Here are some decorating ideas for this important, but often overlooked, room.

One place to look for inspiration is a fancy hotel. If you have ever stayed in one, chances are the bathing facilities had more than just a toilet, shower, and towels. They probably had some pit of décor, whether it is a wall hanging or fancy countertops. If you have seen a design you like, why not recreate it in your own home?

As you decorate, make sure that everything you add to the room is able to withstand dampness. Electronics are usually not a good idea, because steam from the shower can damage them. Similarly, lamps that need to be plugged in do not work here. Instead, opt for candles and other décor that can handle a damp environment.

White is a common color to use when decorating a guest bathroom. When done well and accented with other pleasing materials, it can be a very good idea. However, too much white can look stark — like a laboratory. Try to balance the white with other colors if you choose this route.

If you can afford it, both in your space and in your budget, splurge for a Jacuzzi bathtub. Nothing shows your guests that you appreciate them quite like a little luxury, and luxury is exactly what a Jacuzzi bathtub embraces.

Give your guests a way to keep the room smelling nice. The bathroom is, after all, a place to do certain types of “business,” and as such smells can be a problem. Some air freshener or a simple candle can make your guests feel more comfortable when nature calls.

Take a look at the cabinetry in the room. Is it in need of an upgrade? Outdated cabinetry can detract from the overall look you are trying to achieve. Consider having it upgraded before you do your redecorating project. Yes, you do not spend much time in your guest bath, but shouldn’t your guests have the best you can provide?

Coordinate towels with décor and rugs. This will create a tied together look in the room. You want everything to feel like it was purchased as a set, even if it was not. Consider placing a small item on the back of the commode to tie it all together.

Finally, do not neglect the mirror. It can be a functional piece or a piece of art in your bathroom. Consider swapping out the standard mirror that came with the home with something decorative and unique. A decorative mirror does not have to be expensive, yet it changes the look of a room tremendously. This will add a lot of character to the room as you attempt to create an inviting space for your guests.

+15 Small Kitchen Ideas To Transform Your Portable Room

A small kitchen should never be an obstacle to having a full life; if you design your kitchen to make the most of the available space then you will easily be able to dish out delicious food for family and friends alike. Apartments in big cities tend to be very cramped, especially if you are operating on a tight budget.

1. Build upwards and not sideways when building cabinets. This will enable you to keep as much floor space free as possible, ensuring that you can move around freely. Keep your cabinets as tall as you require but if you feel that the top ones are not easily accessible then you should keep a stool handy. Keep the shelves at different levels in order to break the monotony of the look. On a similar note, you could fix shelves on the walls and under cabinets to increase storage area in the kitchen.

2. Go with open shelves instead of cabinets in order to give the kitchen an open and airy feel.

3. Use under counter appliances such as refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher in order to increase the work space available to you. If possible, buy the latest appliances that use space efficiently.

4. A foldable table can provide seating in the kitchen without cluttering it up. Use backless stools or at least armless chairs that do not take up a lot of space.

5. If you have awkward spaces in your kitchen, corners for example, then you should make use of a storage arrangement such as a Lazy Susan so that you can easily access the entire area.

6. Install proper lighting in your kitchen so that it looks nice and bright. Do keep in mind that insufficient lighting will make the kitchen look cramped and dingy.

7. Hang bulky pots and pans over your cook area using S-hooks. You could also hang them from wire baskets.

8. Make sure that you only keep the appliances and utensils that you absolutely need so that you can keep clutter down to the absolute minimum.

9. Paint the shelves in a bright and cheerful color in order to make the kitchen as attractive as possible.

If you design your kitchen using these small kitchen ideas then you will be able to get the maximum storage space and work area for your needs. You will also be able to entertain with a great deal of ease and pride in your compact but attractive kitchen.

Small kitchen design [http://design-friendly.com/small-kitchen-designs/] generally focuses on increasing storage space and work area. Use these small kitchen ideas [http://midlifekitchen.com/bespoke-the-perfect-small-kitchen-design/] to design the most efficient kitchen for your home.

+17 Stunning Painted Floor Tile For Patio Ideas

Do It Yourself Patio Floors Tiles remodeling is an easy and fast way to remodel various surfaces at home. The natural “look and feel” of these unique stone panels opens up limitless opportunities and ideas for today’s interior and exterior design. The following quick review describes the latest information about how you can quickly and easily remodel any surface at home.

Quick overview

It is based on 100% ‘Nature-Made’ materials – Patio Floors Tiles redecoration is actually based on a collection of similar looking interlocking stones manually and carefully attached onto a mesh backing of 12″ by 12″ size. Ever wondered about the origin of these unique stones? Well, you’ll probably be surprised to find out that most of them are originated from the S.E Asian seashores. They are so versatile, enabling you to remodel anywhere: 1) Bathrooms: sinks walls, shower floors, shower backsplash 2) Kitchens: countertops and backsplashes 3) Other: patios, swimming pools, decks, fireplaces, and wine cellars.


Such simple solution brings several clear benefits:

– Can be used for dry surfaces as well as wet surfaces such as shower flooring or as a sink backsplash.

– Can be used inside as well as in the outside.

– Provides natural and luxurious look and feel to any coated surface.

Helpful advices!

– These stone panels have their weight, so if you intend to install backsplashes use small carpenter’s nails to hold the tile in place so you can easily grout it.

– Using grout should be handled carefully so it is recommended to grout a small area at a time.

– Use a tile saw in order to cut stones to fit edges or corners.

We could count other important great benefits provided by this fun & easy coating technique simply because once you explore and understand how it works, you quickly find endless redesigning opportunities that could fit any space at home.

Final words

Installation process of this unique Patio Floors Tiles technique takes no more than just few hours (pending the size of the surface you are about to cover), not including drying time. For a simple and enjoyable installation process it is highly recommended to keep in mind the following advices before installation.

+34 Most Comfortable Living Room Ideas

In most families the kitchen often represents the most used room in the house, but tying for that spot, the living room is an equally important room in a house. Families utilize their living room day-after-day for an assortment of activities. There’s oftentimes a climate or impression that you get when you go into some ones living space and bringing forth an air of comfort should be a priority in your living room.

It’s conceivable to optimize your living room space and still give birth to an energy and warmth in the room. Because this is a primary getting together place in your house for family and friends, you’ll want it to provide ease of conversation and relaxing. Developing a map or floor plan and utilizing it as a guide telling you where to position your furniture, you’re making a great tool to attain the solace and multiple functions essential of this room.

Get rolling by distinguishing the room’s focus. If your living room has a hearth, you have a marvelous focal point already. If there’s no open fireplace, you can use a home entertainment center as your focus and lead off working about this spot with additional pieces of furniture. The use of plants is a great decorating idea as well as framed art. Include art that demonstrates your pastime or hobbies; something that may pull conversations together.

The primary piece of living room furniture that will prescribe the arrangement of most of the additional furniture pieces is the couch. This represents where your guest will sit and your family will lounge. Your sofa or couch, while big, shouldn’t block off the flow from the front entrance or the windows. Energy comes into a room from doorways and windows. In a lot of instances, the perfect position is for the rear of the sofa to be against a wall and additional chairs staged in a semi-circle producing a conversation place.

It’s every bit as significant to devote close attention to your living room’s illumination. Utilize the windows to contribute as much natural light as doable by using marginal window screenings. Use lamps and additional methods of lighting for nooks and dark regions of a room where the natural light does not get to. A sunny room is a likable room and you will be able to feel the mood elevate as light imbues a space.

It’s also about the liveliness that you breathe into the room. If a room thwarts you or you don’t possess a good connectedness with a room, your company is going to sense it. Perhaps it is a headache to vacuum-clean with too numerous details to move or reposition or possibly it’s a dust accumulating knick knack nightmare that you just can not establish regular time to maintain. Either way, there’s a living room makeover that will embody your life style and breathe that liveliness and comfortableness into the room.

Remember to keep the living room clutter-free by getting rid of inessential items. This will keep the region from getting undynamic and keep your living room emitting a positive energy of ease while maintaining a comfortable flow to the room. The artistry of arrangement isn’t a precise science and there are several techniques to unite you and your living room space in a enduring proactive alliance of comfort and living comfortably. The simple tricks cataloged here will allow for a comfy living space for your home, a hospitable meeting place for your acquaintances and a relaxing seat for you.

+36 Most Popular Small Bathroom Design

Designing a bathroom in a small space can be quite a challenge but you can still have a workable bathroom in a small space.

The trick to a small bathroom design is try and utilize every square centimeter of space effectively without cluttering the space up and making it uncomfortable to be in.

Choose your fittings wisely and don’t just opt for a cheap bathroom suite, these suites will often not be suitable for the smaller bathroom.

A great space saving idea is the so called closet bathroom suites. These suites are designed specifically for your space saving needs. The toilet and basin will be in a wedge shape, this will allow them to be fitted in the corner of the bathroom and saving the space that would otherwise be wasted in the corners.

In the smaller bathroom there is no doubt about what will cause the major headache. There is no way of getting around the fact that a bath will take up a lot of space. If you can physically fit a standard size bath in then you will have no option but to stick with a shower unit. This is often a compromise that most people will be happy to accept and can make the space look modern and stylish, this is the option most young professionals will prefer.

The family home however will need a bath. There are only a few options available if there is not physically enough space for a standard bath. The first option is to gain some space from somewhere, from another adjoining room in the house or to extend the room. Both these options can be expensive and out of reach for many home owners. Another option is to move the bathroom to another location in the home. Again this can be an expensive project and will cause inconvenience to the home owner.

A cheaper and more convenient option is to buy a smaller than standard bath, they are available obviously at an extra cost. A corner bath is often seen as a luxury but contrary to popular belief they are not that expensive and a corner bath will take up less space length wise than a standard bath.

+35 Pretty Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas For You

The tiles you use in your bathroom are an essential part of its decor. Wall tiles especially affect the overall ambiance of the bathroom. They can make a bathroom look colorful and vibrant or dull and staid. If you are looking for bathroom wall tile ideas, you have a lot to choose from. You can cover the entire wall with tiles or you can decide to tile only the wall in the shower areas or you can cover half the wall with tiles and the remaining with paint. Whichever you choose, make sure that the tiles go well with the overall feel and color scheme of the bathroom.

One of the most popular bathroom wall tile ideas involves using large, rectangular shaped tiles. Larger tiles mean lesser grout and this makes cleaning easier since dirt tends to accumulate in the group used to fill in the space between tiles. Other bathroom wall tile ideas include using different patterned tiles, scattering colored tiles at random and using dark colored grout.

If you decide to go in for plain white or off-white colored tiles for your bathroom wall, you can liven up the ensemble by including dark colored tiles like red, blue or green ones in the middle. It need not follow a certain pattern. Just include the colored tiles at random positions. This will add a dash of color to your bathroom. Another idea is to incorporate tiles with paintings or prints in between plain white ones. For instance a few tiles with pretty floral prints in between pale pink or white tiles give a delicate, feminine touch to the bathroom. You can also choose to incorporate a single large tile with a painting or design in the middle and surround it with plain colored tiles.

Most people do not like the idea of tiling their bathroom walls from floor to ceiling. Your bathroom will end up looking like a public restroom. The best idea is to tile the walls unto eye level or a little more. You can give borders to the tile arrangement. White tiles bordered by tiles in another color like red or blue looks good. You can also use different colored tiles to create a border. Patterned tiles also make good borders for an assembly of plain tiles. Border tiles ought to be thinner than the tiles that make up the body f the wall.

Bathroom wall tile ideas are manifold and you can really get creative. Just make sure it vibes well with the overall decor, fixtures and theme of the bathroom.

+31 Pretty Small Terrace Garden Ideas

Everyone loves a beautiful garden whether big or small. Designing your ideal garden is easy when proper planning is done in advance. A small patio garden is very private and easy to maintain, depending on where you would like your garden to be laid out. If you are living in a small complex where there is no space for a garden, you can design the garden on your patio. If you have small but enough space, then go on and design the ideal garden you want.

If it’s your first time designing a garden you can either hire a professional landscape architect, or you can do it yourself. Designing your own garden shouldn’t be very difficult especially if you have ideas on how you would want it to look. Either way, designing your garden should be a fun and relaxing experience. Get all the information you would require to design a garden and do it yourself. You will get a list of garden items such as flowers, plants, spade, wheel barrow, garden fork, paving bricks, cobblestones and other garden tools. Think about where you want to place the flowers, which areas are to be covered with grass and where to place the walkways. If you want to have a water feature, find out where the pipes will be laid and where the water feature will look best. Keep in mind that it will need to be a small feature otherwise it will take up much space. Consider placing it along a wall so that it’s not in the way and it will create a serene scene. Choose paving bricks that are weather resistant and cobblestones that suit the theme of your garden.

Once your planning is done, then you can start with the planting process. The earlier you plant your seedlings the sooner you can start on the next step. While small gardens and terrace patio undoubtedly come with their own set of design challenges, even the most economical of plots can be reworked into beautiful and elegant outdoor havens.

Think small but perfectly formed. Using space intelligently is the key to making a small garden work such as seats that double up as storage, wall-mounted flower pots or herb planters and even folding furniture will all help free up precious space. The right garden accessories and plant species can set the tone for a tranquil outdoor atmosphere. You could add a small gazebo that can bring lots of shelter. Surround your gazebo with cobblestones and some grass for relaxing summer picnics.

To light up your garden you can use solar panels and lanterns that are the safest and most eco-friendly options in your garden and they can placed anywhere in your garden. Think out of the box when it comes to a small garden space and you’ll create a tranquil masterpiece

The Paving Warehouse & Wonder Rock, masters in the art of simulated rock, are no ordinary stone masoners. The Paving Warehouse is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of simulated rock, with applications both indoors and outdoors, each stone cast is a classic.

+32 Best Room Dividers Creative Ideas

Most people think room dividers are only used to serve one purpose, divide a room or large space. They are definitely used for this function, however, can also be used as decorative pieces of furniture and potentially an inspirational piece of art to decorate your home.

Room dividers are great for dividing rooms, creating storage spaces and providing privacy. They are most popularly used to divide a large room such as an office space or separating large joint rooms such as the living room from the dining room. They are also great for creating storage spaces. By simply placing one in the corner of a room, it creates a storage space between the corner and the room divider where you can store your belongings. This can make the room look tidier and is an easy way to quickly hide mess without making the room look cramped. For example, they can be placed in a laundry room to hide the dirty laundry or in your children’s play room to quickly store some toys. Large room dividers can also be used to create privacy when you are sharing an apartment or home with a number of people. Most are light weight and portable for quick and easy handling. They are also great to divide larger bedrooms if there are a number of people staying in the room..

They are also perfect for decorating and adding a personal touch to your home. A great creative way to add a personal touch and style is to clip or hang photos of family and friends onto the room divider. This is very easy especially with the woven designs, simply choose a photo you would like to display, grab a paper clip or any other clip you have available and clip the photo to the weave pattern. You could also clip important and valuable things such as paintings and drawings from your children, art work and other letters and notices.

Maintaining your Room Divider: some are a hand woven material made from wooden fibre and a hand painted finish. For these reasons, suggested below are the best approaches regarding cleaning them:

Dusting: the best way to clean your room divider is to dust it with a feather duster. This is recommended because if you use any chemicals it can harm the material and paint.

Very slightly damp cloth: only sightly dampen a wash cloth with water and no cleaning chemicals to lightly brush over the room divider. Using other chemicals may spoil the design.

+21 Inspirations Rooftop Terrace Features For You

I wished for a small sitting arrangement on the terrace of my house. I wanted it to be such that I can sit and work on my laptop. I want to have glass walls for my room. Also I want them to be leak proof so that when its raining I can enjoy my work without any issues. I am so eager for this; so much so that Im planning to make it happen in the next few days. Also I want to design it in a way wherein I get to enjoy the open skies as well.

I have planned to give the contract of my work to the well-known roofers of the city; as my requirement needs very skillful hands.

Money is not deciding factor for the choice of roofers that I am going to make. However I want the best results at the end. I have spoken to a lot of people in the city. In fact I have my friends who are in the roofing business. Even after so much help, I am not able to decide whom to take up for my roofing work

I am happy that I got best roofers in the town. I am talking about my friend who is in a top-notch roofing company. He has shown me a good blue print on my requirement. And I am expecting that the end results will be even more overwhelming.

I am quite excited and happy about the whole idea. The roofers I have chosen for my work are simply amazing. They are well organized and have given me an idea about the money that will be required to complete the task. Though the work might take ten days, however I am in high spirits for the choice I have made.

The day has come, and roofers have started the work. I have taken a day off from the office in order to see that it all goes smoothly. My kids are enjoying it immensely. My father has decided to make a video.

My roof top glass room is ready for me. I cannot explain it in words. The roofers have done a commendable job. I am thankful to my friend also who has done this magical work. The rainy season is about to come. And I am extremely thrilled about it.

I have penned the making of my roof top dream down in article. It would be great if could spend some time reading the same.

+21 Tiny Place In Green Tones In Terrace

You should arrange at least some part of your limited “man-made landscape” to provide an area where you can rest and think, a peaceful observation point. I prefer a natural “planted” space instead of the old-fashioned gazebo garden-house structure. Though we all want some gay flowers and brilliant sunshine, we also need the seclusion of a quiet area, a cool reflective private spot. Here you will almost taste the freshness of the air you breathe. You can listen to the mourning doves, and the phoebe-the wind rustling the maple leaves. Smell the warm dry scent of summer, the fragrance of the lilac drifting on the breeze.

Our own private retreat is a cool shady spot-a hillside above the brook. A hillside and a brook are, of course, not essential. They just happened to be there for us.

Bulldozed level, this terrace hideaway is twenty feet long and fourteen wide. Two spreading maples provide shade. We made a small retaining wall about two stones high (three in some places) to hold back the bank on one side, and hold the land up on the other side. A rope hammock is attached at one end to a cedar post, set for the purpose, and at the other end to one of the maples.

Bird and Worm`s Eye View
When you are in the hammock you are sometimes beneath the world and sometimes above it-depending on which side of the hammock you look from. Out one side you look up at the curve of the meadow. The land lies above, and you beneath. Out the other side you are in the greenery of tree tops looking down through leaves to the brook with a totally different perspective. This is, to our way of thinking, a pretty neat trick and it makes the hammock an ever-fascinating place to be.

The terrace-retreat itself is shady, but beyond the limbs of the maples the sun shines. Japanese iris grows in the sun fringing the area where we sit; so does Jacob’s ladder, blooming from May on into July, the violet flowers touched with white, and each stalk of delightful foliage a small green ladder.

On the other side of the terrace a stretch of Dutchman’s breeches spills down a steep rocky bank to the brook edge. The blossoms greet us in late April when the first days of the hammock begin. A pink and a white dogwood add to the shade and beauty. Lilies-of-the-valley (especially for fragrance) cluster beneath; foam flower parades in soft white along the bank; gold thread peeks from the leaves; jack-in-the-pulpit rises in dignity in the lea of the wall; white trillium, bloodroot, and red and yellow wild columbine bloom in succession; blue forget-me-nots and cardinal flowers thrive at the brook’s edge; Virginia bluebells nod their bell-like flowers flanking the terrace up and down the hillside, and maidenhair, cinnamon, and royal ferns grace the area.

Though no pines stand in the vicinity, pine needles cover the terrace floor, for we have access to a fine source of them. Each spring we spread a carpet of fresh and fragrant needles gathered in two old bedspreads dumped in the back of the car and carted home. They contribute a pungent scent, a rich brownness, and a pleasant four-inch-deep rug, soft and resilient to walk upon.

A Place To Call Your Own
Haven’t you some small area of similar possibility, a remote corner with no sun, an area of trees, a thicket perhaps, even a shady spot where growing things has been difficult? If so, with some pruning, replanning, and possibly additional planting you can create an ideal retreat complete with hammock, simple comfortable outdoor furniture, and possibly a few old stumps of special character. The area can be large or small-really tiny -and still achieve its purpose, still become an inviting spot to while away an hour or a day, a place dedicated not to doing, but to the simple art of being.

Our shady retreat has given us the opportunity to grow some of the loveliest of plants, ferns, some evergreens, certain shrubs, and many flowers. Most shade-loving plants need no special care after they are established.

Mountain laurel is a grand broad-leaved evergreen for the secluded shady area. It wants sandy, peaty soil, always acid (no lime). Rhododendron is another fine flowering evergreen. When you look out the window in winter, rhododendron tells you the temperature. When you see the leaves curled like cigars, it is very, very cold and you had better put on that extra sweater.

Moist & Acid
Azaleas in shades of crimson, pink, flame, white and yellow are especially successful in a woodland setting. Some are fragrant. The plants grow from two to ten feet tall. Acid soil and oak leaf mulch are beneficial. The white fragrant blooms of the swamp azalea open in July, later than the others. It does not need its feet in a swamp to thrive, but do give it shade and rich leaf mold soil.

Other favorite plants for shade are crested iris, countless varieties of native wild violets, and myrtle or periwinkle (Vinca minor). Bleeding heart (the tall variety) and begonias (especially tuberous) add loveliness. Blue phlox is lavender-colored with a meadow scent. Spiderwort has white and blue flowers and spidery gray-green leaves. Each bloom lasts only for a day, but many flowers continually come. Japanese anemone bears sturdy rose-colored blossoms. Mist-flower unfolds furry blue-violet blossoms in autumn, and spreads marvellously.

This shady area provides a splendid summering place for many of the houseplants which will also add a decorative note.

Tuberous begonias in tubs will be lovely, and if by chance you are orchid raisers, as we are, here is the dream spot for the orchids to summer. They like morning or afternoon sun, so we hang ours (using cut up re-shaped old wire coat hangers) in the trees at the edges of the area, and set some on the retaining walls where they get sun until about eleven in the morning and again after four in the afternoon.